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I came up with the idea for todays blog as thinking back to when I was a Bride to be I remember all of sudden thinking ‘Oh my goodness I’ve been planning this whole day down to the tiniest of details however I haven’t even considered my own beauty and skin preparation!’

Luckily it wasn’t too late for me to start really thinking about how I wanted my skin, brows etc to be. In fact I had time to grow out a fringe in time for the big day which for someone who loved her thick blunt fringe was a big move but thats another story! (maybe even a blog worthy story!)

So I thought a blog was a great way to spark some ideas and thoughts for future brides…
Even if you take one piece of information that you may not have considered before then you’re winning!

First things first, if you have any skin issues or concerns go to a dermatologist! The earlier you get to a professional who can give you skincare advice the better. Trial and error in finding the right treatment is to be expected so you and your dermatologist need plenty of time to work through the options together in order to achieve your skincare goals.

Facials… Who needs an excuse for a facial? In an ideal world regular facials months leading up to the wedding is the best way to prepare. Not only is a scheduled facial going to give you some me time to relax but the skincare benefits are smoother, brighter and glowing skin! You will also probably pick up some hints and tips on how to continue your skincare routine at home to maximise results.

However, the best advice any skin specialist is going to give you is not to try any new products within 6 weeks of your wedding! This includes having a facial if you’ve not been having them previously and any new products at home.

If facials aren’t your thing there are steps you can take at home to achieve great skin for your wedding day. The best place to start with a home skincare regime (which I will add is not limited to wedding preparation but should continue after your wedding!) is working out what your skin type is so you can buy the best products to match. There is lots of advice online to help you determine your skin type, it may be oily, dry, combination or normal.

Here are 4 easy steps to follow for an at home skincare routine:

1. Cleanse your skin twice a day, in the morning and evening is essential. At night of course you want to remove the days makeup but in the morning a cleanse is important too. After our skin has spent the night replenishing itself you need to wipe away all the dead skin cells and oils in order to have a gorgeous clean base to start your day.

2. Two to three times a week it is also a good idea to exfoliate your face to remove those dry/dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, it also increases blood circulation around your face meaning healthier skin. Exfoliating too much can damage the skin making it dry and irritable so make sure not to go too mad!

3. After your daily cleanse you can apply a toner for extra cleansing and to reduce the appearance of pores on your skin.

4.The final step is to moisture your skin! Even if you feel you have oily skin find a moisturiser that contains no oil and is lightweight. It is important for everyone to keep their skin hydrated.

And finally on skincare.. never ever go to bed with your makeup on!


The next two ‘Bride to be’ tips may seem so obvious and simple but both are something we can easily disregard with the distractions and stress of planning a wedding, so remember too…

1. Drink plenty of water
2. Get plenty of sleep

I don’t have to go into great detail on why both of the above are so important, drinking water and getting ‘beauty’ sleep is nothing new, however both are greatly underestimated when considering how much they can impact your skin for your wedding day.

Getting water into your body can be easier than you think, eating spinach, cucumber and strawberries to name a few are easy ways to get additional hydration into your diet.
I came across an interesting straight forward article on that lists ’15 foods that keep you hydrated’
Click on the link to give it a read!


My next tip is easier said than done… it is very easy to get bogged down with guests lists, seating plans and dress issues but please try not to get stressed!
Stress can lead to many skin Issues such as acne, eczema, rosacea or even big fat coldsores! So try not to let stress become part of your planning and trust me from a bride who has been there… it ALL works out fine on the day!

I hope you’re enjoying the blog so far just a few more handy tips to share with you…


Lets talk BROWS!

Eyebrows are such a huge deal at the moment, whether you want to get them tinted, threaded, tweezed or even go for microblading in preparation for the big day, give yourself plenty of time ahead of the wedding to achieve your perfect brows. Seek advice from an expert about the perfect eyebrow shape for you.
If you are choosing to get your brows waxed, threaded or tinted before the wedding day do it around a week before, don’t be tempted to do anything too close to the day itself incase of a bad reaction or redness!


My final beauty tip is about getting gorgeous and golden with a spray tan… Whether you’ve had one before or not your wedding day is not the time to experiment!
Spray tan expert Jenna from ‘Jenna Mobile Spray Tanning‘ shared her Bridal tips with me to pass onto you brides to be…

A spray tan trial is ESSENTIAL – you want to find the perfect shade for your wedding day. This can alter depending on whether you’re wearing ivory or white, your natural skin tone, and whether you’ve tanned before. So you don’t want to chance it!
If you can, time your spray tan trial with your Bridal makeup trial as it will give you the finished look you can expect on the wedding day. (Even better if you fit your spray tan trial in with your final dress fitting for the complete look!)
Get your spray tan 2-3 days before your wedding date.

See Jenna’s website for general pre and post spay tanning advice or contact her directly with any specific questions on 07910 757 585/

I hope that blog has been informative and fun to read and maybe gave you a lightbulb moment and perhaps something else to add to your ‘Wedding To Do List’

If you think I’ve missed anything out let me know!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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