Brush Beautiful…

Now be honest… really honest… do you clean your makeup brushes enough?!

As a makeup artist the brushes in my kit are religiously cleaned with warm soapy water after a day of makeup but I’m taking myself back to the pre-makeup artist days and until I had my training I will admit I underestimated the true meaning of cleaning your brushes and how disgusting it really is to think ‘oh I will do it tomorrow…’

The biggest issue perhaps with cleaning your brushes throughly with soapy water is that it means your brushes are out of action whilst they dry! So finding a weekend when you can afford to leave them to dry is always difficult!

But you may find the time once you consider the nasty truth that using dirty makeup brushes is applying ugly bacteria onto your beautifully cleansed and moisturised face everyday!

So now i have convinced you to go and wash your makeup brushes this instance hold on a few more moments to read on how to do it properly!!

I’ve used a few different products to clean my brushes, you really don’t have to splash out lots of money on a brush cleaner product instead you can choose baby shampoo that will be kind and gentle on your brushes, at the moment I am using Johnson’s baby shampoo (But i’m sure the supermarkets will have their own brand versions at an even cheaper price that work just as good!)
To clean using baby shampoo dampen your brush bristles, always place the brush in a downwards direction away from the stream of water as you don’t want to get water anywhere near the glue that is holding the brush in place!
Once damp apply a small dot of shampoo onto the palm of your hand and swirl the brush into it, you will soon see the colour of the shampoo change and see all the dirt coming out of the brush. Continue to swill the excess makeup away under warm water and go back to rubbing the brush on your hand with the leftover shampoo. Once the brush is completely clean, softly squeeze the brush to remove the excess water and reshape the brush. Then place the brush at an downward angle to dry (so all the water runs out) A nice benefit of using baby shampoo is that it is kind to your bank balance but it also has a lovely smell that I can’t get enough of!

If you do want to spend a little more on a makeup cleaner I’ve used and been pleased with Estee Lauder’s Makeup Brush Cleanser. 
Like baby shampoo this cleaner needs to be used once your makeup brush is damp. Following the same steps as above, it has a spray nozzle which means you can spray the product direct onto the brush and you can use your fingers to lather the product through the bristles.

If you really wanna enhance your brush washing experience why not buy the Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat. I do love this product but I do wash a lot more brushes than the average sole user! The mat has different patented textures suitable for different types of brushes meaning the cleaning product can reach the roots of the brushes making cleaning quicker.

But hang on… there could be a REAL game changer available…. Have you heard about the STYLPRO Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer.

If you haven’t seen or heard about it check out Youtube to see it in action. The device washes and dries your makeup brushes within minutes by spinning the brush at a crazy speed (obviously its a little more technical than that but you get the idea)

I’ve heard real mixed reviews on this nifty device, some say it’s a gimmick and it sounds too good to be true but then all you have to do is read the 5 stars reviews that swear by this product.
However the jury is out for me… I have not bought or tried the product itself so perhaps its a blog post for the future which will be called ‘STYLPRO… a life changer for this makeup artist!’

If you have used the STYLPRO or have any other brush cleaning advice please let me know, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading

Sarah x

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