Brushes Baby! The MUST have brushes from my PRO kit.

Hello, makeup lovers!

Ahh I really need to get back on my blog game!! Its been a poor effort recently!

However an insta story has inspired this one today! So one day last week I posted a photo of my brush roll all washed and cleaned and organised… oh its so good for the soul when you do it!

It sparked some messages asking me about my favourite brushes from my kit so I thought I would do a slightly more detailed explanation of which ones I had chosen on a blog.

Obviously you don’t need to spend the huge amounts of money I have on brushes! In my kit I need numerous duplicates for wedding parties and different sizes and shapes, as we all have different sized faces and little creases! 

So this is just a short guide to the brushes I think everyone would enjoy using and could really enhance your makeup skills. 

Often (especially with the eyes) clients will say to me “I just can’t do it like that…” “I sit and watch youtube for hours but can’t replicate it…” or “I have that exact eyeshadow palette but I can’t do what you’ve just done with it!!”

And of course there is a technique which is hard to explain on a blog post, however I ALWAYS comment on the fact that most people don’t invest in the TOOLS i.e the RIGHT brushes for the job. 

As I said above it makes no sense to have as many brushes as I do however some key brushes could change the success of your makeup.
I was guilty of it a good few years ago, using the ‘freebie’ brush that came with the palette or grabbing whichever brush was to hand for a particular job. 

Sometimes using a brush for a different job to what it is meant for isn’t a bad thing, as some brushes do have multiple uses.
However (F.Y.I. this is an extreme example by the way and no-one has actually said they’ve done this to me) but you are NEVER going to achieve a beautiful blended eye with a huge bronzer brush (told you it was an extreme example) but you get my point!

So after a little explanation you’re desperate to know where to spend your money next on brushes right?!

I personally don’t believe these brushes are priced expensively for their quality, especially if you’re only buying one (not 4/5 like me) but if they are slightly out of price point use them as a guide for shape or description of what to look out for in a more affordable brush. 

These brushes are really good lasting quality brushes that have been washed over and over and dry as good as new. (see my previous blog post on washing and caring for your brushes on this link)

I will post pictures of the brushes on my Instagram grid and link them up on here to the direct website so you can see the brushes up close and personal.

The first brushes on my list are the SIGMAX Precision Brushes – This is a set of 5 – they can be purchased individually and all have their own name. The range is the P80,P82, P84, P86 & P88.
The use for all these brushes is the same, they are wonderful concealer brushes!

The difference between them is the shape from flat, angled and tapered. I pick the brush depending on the shape of the face or the area I am applying concealer to, there great for under eye concealer but I find them particularly exceptional around the creases of the nose and nostrils.
If I HAD to pick one and say which one generically suits most I would say the P88 Flat Angled.
Individually this can be bought for £10.92 on feelunique. 

So thats the concealer brush in the shopping basket yes?!

My next go to brush I think could belong in anyones makeup bag it’s the 132 Luxe Powder Finish Brush by Zoeva. This is soft gorgeous handy brush is priced at £12.50.

The description on the website describes this as a highlighter brush for preciseness on the cheeks, I would agree with this however, I think it is a versatile brush and has an even better use for powder application around the face. I love using this brush to sweep off loose powder under the eyes or on the t-zone. I don’t use it in my kit for highlighter as I have other brushes I prefer but it definitely has potential and therefore doubles up with multiple uses perfect for your makeup bag! 

Next on my list is a slightly more highly priced brush, the Bobbi Brown Eyebrow brush. I actually really rate Bobbi Brown brushes and perhaps if you were going to have a real splurge or get them as Christmas or birthday presents it would be worth investing in a few! 

I love the bronzer and blush brush but technically they are my own brushes & don’t have a spot in my kit so I barred them from the list however one Bobbi Brown brush that has made it in both my personal collection of brushes and the kit is the eyebrow brush. 

Priced at £23.50 I think it is one of the more expensive ones however it really does warrant its price. Not only does it have a look and lovely feel to the brush (I love the classic ‘Bobbi Brown’ logo on the side) it is a great brush for powder products through the brows, its sturdy and stiff and holds the product well, the angle of the bristles alongside the firmness make it so easy to manipulate the brow hair and fill in any sparse areas. Again as you would expect for the price it washes well and maintains its shape and quality of bristles.

So thats eyebrows, concealer and a small powder brush on the list! Next I am adding a highlight brush I love!

The Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush, in a very similar way to the Zoeva 132 Brush above can have versatile uses. 

Predominately it is a highlighter brush for powder highlights that will brush the product over your cheeks exactly where you want it. I opt to use the F35 over a fan brush (which is also great for highlighting) dependent on the look I want to achieve. I find the F35 packs the highlighter with more impact than the fan brush but both have their uses. 

Another use for the F35 due to its shaping and preciseness would be powdering under the eyes, round the nose etc.

I love the Zoeva 132 and F35 for different reasons but if you were after just one brush to do both party tricks either one would work. The F35 is slightly more pricey than the Zoeva at £19.50 on 

Next the brushes I get asked about the most is eye brushes. I have a lots of different sizes and brands across my kit for my eyeshadow application and it really does depend what you want to achieve – I’m not sure you can ever have enough quality blending brushes! 

Rather than bombard you with 3/4 blending brushes I have selected my FAVOURITE blending brush, the one I feel is most versatile for people but I can’t hand on heart say this one brush will complete your life! But it would be good one to perhaps start with or add to your collection. 

The Sigma E25 is just a great all round blending brush, it never fails me! Its perfect for that swish action (again hard to describe in writing but I’m hoping you understand me!) and works so well with eyeshadow. You can manipulate how much product you add on with this brush and it just blends blends blends so effortlessly. I’m possibly being awful saying this but if this brush doesn’t work for you in blending your eyeshadow you probably need to look at your technique and not blame the brush! This brush has similar ‘sibling’ brushes that work alongside me in my kit but this is my go-to brush for most eye shapes and looks. Again feelunique are stocking the E25 for a fair £12.50!

Finally I’ve gotta add in my little friend the Zoeva 226 Smudger Brush – this little beauty is a mere £8.50 and has a place in my heart. Its short soft bristles work really well on your upper lash line for tight-lining or lower lash line for smudging eyeshadow or kohl eyeliner, it works just as good for smudging your kohl/shadow on your lid as well to smoke out a top liner. As its small you can be precise enough not to mess the rest of your eyeshadow yet create an effortless smoke to your eye. 

So there you go! My favourite brushes from the kit, there is a a fair few brushes I could add, a bronzer, foundation, lip etc so this is not a complete guide to must have brushes to conclude your collection just an idea of some you may wish to add to your ever growing bundle!

I think it is worth also saying that if you have a brush thats description may differ from how YOU use it thats not necessarily a bad thing if your achieving the finished, polished look you’re after. Brush names and descriptions can be used as a guideline but if you’re not getting the ‘look’ you want after using your brushes then perhaps it is worth reviewing whether theres a better suited brush out there for your needs!

I hope that’s been somewhat useful and interesting! I wasn’t expecting to waffle on so much who knew I had so much to say about the tools I love!

Love Sarah x

PS. Don’t forget I have included a picture of all the brushes mentioned here on my Instagram page too! 

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