The Markle Sparkle ✨

With a new Duchess on the scene, all eyes have been on Meghan Markle. Right from the off, the world has been obsessed with her makeup, hair, clothes & shoes. Everyone wants to know the secrets to her flawless look!

On the day of the Royal Wedding, we all held our breaths as Meghan stepped out of the car. We finally caught the first glimpse of her dress, tiara, veil, hair and my favourite… her makeup.
We could have guessed she was never gonna rock up with a full face of thick makeup, with so much contour & lipstick she was barely recognisable… and we certainly weren’t wrong or left disappointed by what we saw.

Meghan was the essence of a ‘natural bride’. Her beautifully clear skin with her perfectly placed freckles on show, her slightly flushed cheeks and her natural brows framing her wonderfully structured face!

After seeing Meghan’s gorgeous natural effortless wedding day makeup it got me thinking, what is Meghan going to do for the world of makeup trends?
Could this be the end of the ‘Instagram Brow’ that let’s be honest, at its worst can resemble a slug… Could it be the end of the over highlighted tip of the nose? And perhaps over lined chunky lips?

I personally hope Brides in particular pay attention to Meghan’s magic skin for their special day.

Although Meghan may be blessed naturally with ‘good skin’, she certainly has not turned up on the day without some serious TLC skincare beforehand. And yes, unfortunately the majority of us won’t have the privileges she has with skincare HOWEVER that certainly is not an excuse.

Making skincare part of your wedding planning should be as important as the guest list! The earlier you start the better the results.

Although Meghan will have a queue of skincare specialists waiting to offer their services, she does commit to looking after her skin herself.
She’s been known to mention in interviews she swears by ‘Face Yoga’. A daily dose of this will get your blood pumping around your face meaning more oxygen reaching the cells of the skin.
Here’s a good link to a website I came across about ‘Face Yoga’

I would love to hear if you’re giving this a go and if you notice any improvements! I’m thinking a few of them could be done in the car whilst driving to work/sitting in traffic – yes you may get a few looks from car drivers around, but hey you’re not gonna see them again & this is important!

Another non-fancy product Meghan swears by is coconut oil. Coconut oil became a massive product a year or so ago, and it’s still going strong as a beauty must have, brands have been bringing out coconut products here there & everywhere.
Personally, I do like to cook with it but I haven’t experimented with it as a facial product or as a hair product, perhaps I’m seriously missing out though!

Meghan’s go to skincare specialist is skin guru Nichola Joss. (Her Instagram account is a great follow!)
A must see post was her guide to easy massage movements to try at home
It’s an easy guide to follow and actually really nice to implement in our busy day to day lives. Giving yourself some time out doing this, actually gives your mind some time to rest too – A win win!
She did hashtag this post with #royalskincare so I think that’s all the proof we need to confirm this is Meghan’s secret to achieving amazing skin!

Amazing skin can only be twinned with an amazing foundation for your wedding day.  My favourite go to foundation for brides is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. Now I don’t want to accuse anybody of copying me BUT rumour has it Meg’s favourite foundation is also Luminous Silk!
It photographs beautifully, is long lasting and is buildable depending on whether you want a fuller coverage or not. It is just a BEAUTIFUL foundation so I am not surprised it’s fit for a princess. I must admit I was super happy & a little bit smug to find out Meghan loves it too. #meghancancopymeanyday

So, what can we learn from Meghan’s wedding makeup?

  • Skincare preparation is key.
  • Facial massages could be THE secret.
  • Looking like YOU on your wedding day wins.
  • Embracing your natural quirks (ie freckles!) is cool.
  • Natural is timeless.

Hope you enjoyed this little read!

Sarah x


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